Written views

The Commission’s call for views closed on Monday 27 March 2017. Listed below are the written views. Please see here for our policy on handling written views.

CPR001: Law Society of Scotland (pdf 257kb)

CPR002: Lord Selkirk of Douglas (pdf 1478kb)

CPR003: Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (pdf 333kb)

CPR004: Scottish Disability Equality Forum (pdf 257kb)

CPR004-1: Scottish Disability Equality Forum (pdf 165kb)

CPR005: Scottish Law Commission (pdf 1067kb)

CPR006: Culture Counts (pdf 237kb)

CPR007: Joseph Scullion (pdf 136kb)

CPR008: John Sturrock QC (pdf 1124kb)

CPR009: Margaret McDougall (pdf 81kb)

CPR010: Dennis Canavan (pdf 195kb)

CPR011: Royal Society of Edinburgh (pdf 331kb)

CPR012: Dr Ian Mckee MBE (pdf 88kb)

CPR013: Jim Mather (pdf 138kb)

CPR014: Cameron Buchanan (pdf 63kb)

CPR015: Graeme Pearson (pdf 141kb)

CPR016: Joseph Morris (pdf 169kb)

CPR017: John Cawley (pdf 181kb)

CPR018: Mike Rumbles MSP (pdf 698kb)

CPR018.1: Mike Rumbles MSP (pdf 148kb)

CPR019: Alistair Bonnington (pdf 33kb)

CPR020: Dr Oliver Escobar (pdf 222kb)

CPR021: National Assembly of Wales (pdf 589kb)

CPR021.1: National Assembly of Wales (pdf 95kb)

CPR022: Alasdair MacCaluim (pdf 652kb)

CPR023: Commission on Highland Democracy (pdf 315kb)

CPR024: Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira (pdf 219kb)

CPR025: Equality Network (pdf 180kb)

CPR026: Scottish Older People’s Assembly (pdf 139kb)

CPR027: Equalities and Human Rights Committee (pdf 172kb)

CPR028: Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee (pdf 86kb)

CPR029: Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee (pdf 734kb)

CPR030: Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee (pdf 155kb)

CPR031: Francis Berry (pdf 650kb)

CPR032: Scottish Human Rights Commission (pdf 345kb)

CPR032.1: Scottish Human Rights Commission (pdf 1230kb)

CPR033: Lord Foulkes of Cumnock (pdf 120kb)

CPR034: Edward Mountain MSP (pdf 1696kb)

CPR035: Andrew Nicoll (pdf 2059kb)

CPR036: Dr. James Gilmour (pdf 93kb)

CPR037: Dorothy-Grace Elder (pdf 525kb)

CPR038: Scottish Women’s Convention (pdf 160kb)

CPR039: James W. Hunter (pdf 70kb)

CPR040: Regulatory Review Group (pdf 1577kb)

CPR041: John Colledge – On behalf of a number of Brunstane Bank residents (pdf 152kb)

CPR042: GoWell Panel (pdf 85kb)

CPR043: ITV Border (pdf 505kb)

CPR044: Alexander Stewart MSP (pdf 197kb)

CPR045: Scottish Government (pdf 1396kb)

CPR046: Convener’ s Group (pdf 1318kb)

CPR047: Dr John Wallace Hinton (pdf 232kb)

CPR048: ICAS (pdf 584kb)

CPR049: Professor Alan Page (pdf 122kb)

CPR050: Professor Nicola McEwan (pdf 85kb)

CPR051: Dr Hannah White (pdf 65kb)

CPR052: Samir Lee (pdf 219kb)

CPR053: Young Scot (pdf 134kb)

CPR054: Involve (pdf 113kb)

CPR055: Professor Sarah Childs (pdf 131kb)

CPR056: Professor Michael Keating (pdf 74kb)

CPR057: Rt. Hon. Lord Jack McConnell (pdf 73kb)

CPR058: Henry McLeish (pdf 80kb)

CPR059: Parliamentary Counsel Office, Scottish Government (pdf 127kb)

CPR060: Scottish Parliament Officials (pdf 269kb)

CPR061: COSLA (pdf 244kb)

CPR062: Moray Estates Development Company (pdf 66kb)

CPR063: The Democratic Society (pdf 370kb)

CPR064: Democratise (pdf 161kb)

CPR065: Chartered Institute of Taxation (pdf 1628kb)

CPR066: John Mason MSP (pdf 79kb)

CPR067: Cross Party Group on Racial Equality in Scotland (pdf 194kb)

CPR068: Charles Barrington (pdf 81kb)

CPR069: Eur Ing Richard Townsend Rose MA CEng MICE (pdf 81kb)

CPR070: Joint submission by the Trade Union Side (TUS) in the Scottish Parliament (pdf 89kb)

CPR071: Evangelical Alliance (pdf 153kb)

CPR072: STV (pdf 189kb)

CPR073: Accountability Scotland (pdf 115kb)

CPR074: Alan Thomson (pdf 87kb)

CPR075: Vince Handley (pdf 725kb)

CPR076: Scottish Environment LINK (pdf 906kb)

CPR077: Association for Scottish Public Affairs (pdf 107kb)

CPR078: Gary Wallace (pdf 80kb)

CPR079: SNP Parliamentary Group (pdf 304kb)

CPR080: Action for Children Scotland (pdf 1415kb)

CPR081: Inclusion Scotland (pdf 211kb)

CPR082: Audit Scotland (pdf 384kb)

CPR083: Nigel Smith (pdf 705kb)

CPR084: Lochaber Disability Access Panel (pdf 174kb)

CPR085: The Church of Scotland (pdf 249kb)

CPR086: Fairshare Voting Reform (pdf 180kb)

CPR087: Scottish Labour Parliamentary Group (pdf 204kb)

CPR088: Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (pdf 103kb)

CPR089: Anonymous (pdf 60kb)

CPR090: PAS (pdf 202kb)

CPR091: Dr Niall MacKinnon (pdf 307kb)

CPR092: The North East Multi Agency Chief Executive Forum (pdf 271kb)

CPR093: Patrick Harvie MSP (pdf 76kb)

CPR094: Dr Hartley Millar (pdf 304kb)

CPR095: Campaign for Freedom of Information Scotland (pdf 402kb)

CPR096: Joint submission from GCVS, SCOD and VAS (pdf 1227kb)

CPR097: Andrew Mylne (pdf 77kb)

CPR098: Joint submission from Dr. Leanne-Marie McCarthy-Cotter, Prof. Matt  Flinders and Ms. Alex Meakin (pdf 226kb)

CPR099: Pete Wishart MP, Chair of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee (pdf 1303kb)

CPR100: Alex Fergusson, former MSP and Presiding Officer (pdf 7kb)

CPR101: Unite the Union Scotland (pdf 68kb)

CPR102: Dr Marc Geddes and Professor James Mitchell (pdf 564kb)

CPR103: Duncan Thorp (pdf 258kb)

CPR104: Submission sent by Mrs Ann Packard FRSA HonFRIAS, on behalf of a small group of RSA Fellows (pdf 387kb)

CPR105: Scottish Youth Parliament (pdf 702kb)