At its meeting on 18 November the Commission agreed that it would seek a range of reports and research on different aspects of Parliamentary activity.

The following reports and research are presented to the Commission.

Taking forward recommendations from the petitions process review, Public Petitions Committee (pdf 170kb)

An overview of the actions taken by the Public Petitions Committee to implement recommendations in relation to the petitions process made by its predecessor committee in Session 4.

Sustainable development and scrutiny, research paper, Ishani Erasmus (pdf 445kb)

A paper which discusses how the use of sustainable development principles as a scrutiny lens can improve parliamentary business.

Deliberative Innovations, research paper, Dr Oliver Escobar and Stephen Elstub (pdf 462kb)

A paper introducing a range of democratic innovations known as ‘mini-publics’: how they work, and how they may improve participation.

Areas of interest from comparable legislatures, SPICe (pdf 659kb)

Information gathered from a number of national and sub-national legislatures on areas relevant to the Commission’s work.

Online survey results analysis (pdf 404kb)

An online survey was launched on 24th November 2016 to allow members of the public to gives their views on, and experiences of, the Scottish Parliament. This was closed on 27th March 2017. A total of 256 completed surveys were collected and the results summarised in this report.

Summary of the Commission’s engagement activities (pdf 560kb)

A set of infographics summarising the range of engagement activities the Commission has been involved in.

Analysis of Parliamentary statistics

A collection of annual data on aspects of the Scottish Parliament’s activities and a range of visual representations of that data.

The Scottish Parliament in numbers (pdf 1668kb)

Public Information_statistics_and_trends (pdf 321kb)

Visitor Services report (pdf 322kb)

Scottish Parliament website statistics report (pdf 264kb)

Parliamentary data – spreadsheet (excel. 52kb)